Is it possible to remove information from the search results of Yandex and Google?

how they say the internet remembers everything! And indeed it is! It happens according to reason, that the search robots of the Yandex or Google search engines pass the site, and store that information on their servers, which was located on the site and keep it always or it can be shown in search results. So no need to hope, what, if you delete information from a website or social network, then no one will find it or not will see. This is the first situation, when it is necessary to remove information from the search engine extradition.

Other most common situation, when deletion of information is required - these are obsolete data, which for some reason the search engine continues to issue. And he continues extradite, because he is a robot and does not know, that the data is out of date. In connection with which he need to point it out.
Such data can be, For example, various data from a person's biography: criminal record prosecution, offenses, reviews, as well as any information about firms or businessmen. And it doesn't have to be negative information. it can be almost any information or personal data: numbers phones, photos, video files, documentation, ads.

Sometimes a person needs to delete quite ordinary data, the removal of which would not have come in head. for example, data on work in certain authorities or commercial structures, when it is required to travel abroad (receiving documents of a foreign state) or placement in high positions in public service.

What information cannot be removed from search results

You can remove data from search results almost any. Unable to delete historical facts, well-known facts. Can't be deleted, if you are a public person and the data is related to the exercise of your official responsibilities. Difficult to remove simple data, who do not violate the law personal data - the fact of human existence, finding a store on this place, the fact of registering a page in social networks under a certain name and a lot more. But each specific case needs to be studied.. Always consult a data deletion specialist. If information fails delete, there are ways to hide it, that is, put it on the far pages search results or displace it with other information.

Ways to remove information from the search engine extradition

by the most The main way to remove information from search engine results is voluntary or pre-trial removal. We always recommend using it., since most issues are solved in this way. Search engines often voluntarily, but for extremely limited information, delete it from search results.

If a voluntarily fails to delete information, then it is removed based on court decisions or through supervisory authorities. Each specific case requires study by our lawyer.

If a you need to hide or remove information from the network, which is shown in Yandex or Google, then contact us via the feedback form on the site, describe the situation, indicate the requests for which information is displayed, links. We provide services worldwide in any language. Payment for our services is for the result.     

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Is it possible to remove information from the Internet?

There is a lot of information on the Internet. It appears every second in huge volume all over the world..
If information appears, then someone wants to delete it or will prevent it.
information may be positive., may have a negative effect. Or be at some point neutral or non-damaging, and later become unprofitable.
On the one hand, some information can be deleted quite simply. Other information is almost impossible, and with some you need to tinker, to hide it.
When it comes to data, posted on websites or social networks, then you can delete it.
There may be several ways: pre-trial, technical or judicial.
Pre-trial procedure involves negotiating with an experienced specialist or a lawyer, explanation of possible consequences, proof of inconsistency with reality. The technical method involves the work of specialists, who can hide or do so, to make this information less visible on the Internet.
efficient, but the slow way is to remove it through the court or Roskomnadzor. There are various very effective methods..
The feature of deleting information is that, that search engines, due to their algorithms and systems for copying any data, remember them and can store. But such information, after being deleted from the main sites, becomes practically harmless..
If you have become a victim of the dissemination of false or defamatory information on the Internet, then write to us. Removal of information with a guarantee and often with payment for the result.

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